Top 10 Reasons Why Life Coaching Works

Is life coaching really what you think it is? Consider these 10 reasons why life coaching truly works.

1. Being Heard

Life coaching is totally dependent on the coach’s ability to listen attentively and ask powerful, solution driven questions. When you are in a coaching situation, you’re doing the talking! Be heard is key to life change!

2. Thinking Proactively

So much of life is spent reacting, which leaves most people feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Coaching is about looking at life square in the face, seeking opportunities to respond proactively to challenges and obstacles.

3. Processing Honestly

Isn’t it hard to be totally honest with a friend or family member about how you feel? But with your life coach, honesty is foundational for a successful partnership. With your honest thoughts on the table, handled gently with grace and without judgment, real transformation begins.

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4. Brainstorming Creatively

As a coach, I won’t tell you what to do to solve your problem, but I will definitely provide a safe place for you to brainstorm out-of-the box solutions while seeking God and His Word for answers.

5. Solving Problems

Problems. We all have them. And we all tire of others problems, especially in our relationships with family members and close friends. As a life coach, I step in with fresh ears and a neutral response, giving you the space to share about those nagging habits, difficult relationships, and unlikely obstacles. Sometimes being heard is the first step to moving forward.

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