4 Methods For Choosing The Best Driving School

Driving School

If an ASDN is not conveniently located, CAA continues to be there that will help you pick the best driving course for the teen. We advice these tips to help you find an excellent driving school:

  1. Find a course that’s MTO-approved. Beginner Driver Education Programs should be MTO-approved to help graduates to apply for their G2 road test 4 months earlier than new drivers who don’t complete an MTO-approved course. All of our ADSN locations teach an MTO-approved curriculum that meets and exceeds Ministry standards.
  2. Ensure the driving school is licensed by the MTO. Each of CAA’s ASDN locations are properly licensed. In the event that you choose a school that’s not an ASDN, ensure so it’s not on the MTO’s list of revoked driving schools.
  3. Verify the instructor’s credentials and class size requirements. Smaller class sizes mean that your child can get more one-on-one education. The instructor should hold proper insurance and a MTO Provincial Instructor Licence so that you can teach a driving education course. He or she must also provide progress and evaluation reports to students throughout the course.
  4. Verify that working out vehicles are insured and properly plated. All training vehicles must be defined as such, endorsed and insured appropriately. The Driver Instructor Licence must be displayed within the training vehicle all the time while providing instruction.

Asking family and friends for driving school recommendations or reading online reviews can significantly help to locating a school which you as well as your teen will soon be more comfortable with. CAA can also be here to offer help and support. Contact us at driver@caasco.com with any queries you could have, or check our approved list of driving schools.