Do You Need a Life Coach?

If you are committed to achieving success in the important areas of your life or you’ve just gone through a difficult time that you’ve overcome and left behind, but feel like you’ve been swept off course and aren’t sure what your next step or direction should be, then coaching is your map and compass. Investing in a coaching structure will help you plot your course and discover your treasure.

Life Coaching Image

What are your dreams?

What are the things you put up with that don’t add value to your life?

What is your favourite way of holding yourself back from achieving your goals?

If the answers to these questions have made an impact and created thought or even woken up sleeping passions, then investing in a coaching structure will help you gain clarity, remove blocks and achieve results that add lasting value. You have the ability to achieve more of what you want in your life. Through passion, purpose and determination anything is possible – just believe. Your present and future are yours, make them what you want them to be.

What do you want more of in your life?

What do you want less of in your life?

It is so important to stay true to YOUR values and goals. Some people want to go out there and achieve all that they can, they want to be wealthy, they want to be the best at what they do for a living and they want to take part in as many exciting and adventurous pastimes as possible. Other people just want a simple life; they feel that being wealthy and competitive is just not what makes them happy. No matter what type of person you are, coaching can help you get to the place you want to be. So what are your answers to the above questions?

Are you ready to make a commitment to change, setting goals and achieving them? If so, then let’s get started on a wonderful journey.


  • Why do people hire a coach?
  • Is coaching therapy?
  • How is coaching different to consulting?
  • Why does coaching work?
  • How long do people work with a coach?
  • How long will my sessions be?
  • I’m a busy person, how flexible are you?
  • Other Questions?

Why do people hire a coach?

One of the main reasons is to have someone listen effectively, to be a sounding board. Some people want the support offered by coaching to help achieve their goals others want the challenges provided to help bring out the best in them. Another reason is for direction, a change of perspective or questions that inspire answers that are held within can help a person move forward in the desired direction. A coach is your partner; and is with you all the way. There is nothing wrong with you if you hire a coach, many successful individuals all over the world have used or are using a coach. Whatever your goals are, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, coaching can assist you in achieving them

Is coaching therapy?

No. Coaching deals with the present and future, where somebody is now and where they want to be, somebody functional who wants to be exceptional. Therapy focuses on feelings and experiences related to past events, helping you overcome and move forward.

How is coaching different to consulting?

Together with the client, a coach examines the situation, asks powerful questions, creates a plan of action, and works side by side to achieve a result. A coach works with the client to bring about solutions using the client’s knowledge and answers. A consultant is a specialist in an area, who gives recommendations and provides solutions.

Why does coaching work?

It allows a person to visualise their dreams and goals through powerful questioning, support, focus and validation that prompts action, action that leads to results. There is always fieldwork/homework between sessions, so you sustain your momentum and keep moving forward. Together with the client, a coach looks for the best possible way to set and achieve the client’s goals. Coaching helps people realise the things that were always within them, to use them and move forward.

How long do people work with a coach?

For as long as they are getting value from the sessions. It could be anything from one session to four sessions per month and from one month to a year (coaching is more beneficial over longer periods). Keeping in mind that life is a journey, people have goals all the time, when something is accomplished they move on to the next. A coach can be there throughout the journey.

How long will my sessions be?

Anything from one to two hours, this will always depend on your situation and needs. If longer sessions are needed, then an appropriate structure would be put into place.

I’m a busy person, how flexible are you?

I am available Monday to Friday, 9-5 (S.A. time). As much as possible, a structure that is best for you will be planned, you will need to have a few time options available and we will pick one that suits both of us (this will be your set time for all your sessions). If your structure is one month or more, then you can send me two e-mails per week (I will respond within 24 hours) or call me twice a week (calls to be kept short), I will only take these calls if I am not in a session with another client (you are welcome to leave a message and the same 24 hour response time will apply).